Where do you get your validation


Week 8 – A Beauty to Rescue

I’m blown away but not surprised… if that makes any sense.

The reality check that nearly every man gets his validation from his woman (or another man in the case of same-sex attraction) was not something I’ve ever really specifically drilled into in my own life.

Sure I’ve done co-dependency courses and been in recovery classes for over 6 years and I’m very aware how we give our power away to others but for some reason Session 8 resonated on a whole new level. Once I started to ask God how this might apply in my own life it became very obvious.

Concepts like :

  • Those whom we give the power to validate us also inherits the power to invalidate us
  • We don’t love our wives so they love us back, we love them because that is our God-given role in marriage. 
  • Even if you love your wife perfectly like Christ – she still may not respond.

And much more – this was some deep stuff brothers – if you missed this lesson make sure and create some space and check it out online by clicking the link above or visiting the WAH Page

Blessings in Christ,


p.s. Feel free to add your voice to this post – what stirred in your heart after watching the video?


About One Man's Journey

I've experienced a lot of pain and inflicted my share through a lifetime of selfishly pursuing all that this world has to offer for my pleasure and well-being. Why God in His infinite mercy chose to raise me up out of the pit of despair, depression, addictions and emptiness I may never know, but I'm now all in and passionately in love with a Passionate Savior. If you are struggling with addictions, resentments, depression or any of life's struggles, know there is a Healer, and His name is Jesus. God Bless.
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2 Responses to Where do you get your validation

  1. Roland says:

    Thanks so much this site is awesome


  2. Thanks Roland! It is something I truly enjoy spending time with, glad you find it useful!!


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