Wild At Heart Intro Series 2018

New Season Starts February 8, 2018

A new season is upon us brothers. As we take this time to refresh with the original Wild at Heart boot camp material we step into it with new expectations. Not only will God meet us in this shared journey but this year we will also be moving directly into the Advance Series right after this one.

Remember that our time together in these studies is only the huddle. As we press into gaining true humility and integrity, we also are to discover who we are in Christ and begin to press into our individual callings, whatever form that takes.

On behalf of Craig and myself, we welcome you to our 2018 deep dive into soul restoration and look forward to sharing in the amazing testimonies of God’s character development in each of us and the exciting new discoveries and Divine Appointments He ordains for us all.

Blessings in Christ,



About One Man's Journey

I've experienced a lot of pain and inflicted my share through a lifetime of selfishly pursuing all that this world has to offer for my pleasure and well-being. Why God in His infinite mercy chose to raise me up out of the pit of despair, depression, addictions and emptiness I may never know, but I'm now all in and passionately in love with a Passionate Savior. If you are struggling with addictions, resentments, depression or any of life's struggles, know there is a Healer, and His name is Jesus. God Bless.
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