Beautiful Outlaw Series

Book Study July-October 2018

beautiful outlaw2

As we continue to press into the heart and mind of Jesus Christ through the writings of John Eldredge we are discovering he again is leading us deep into biblical truth. And as is true to John’s other works, he again peels back the layers to reveal aspects of Jesus Himself that isn’t readily preached.

“Jesus was accused of breaking the law, keeping bad company, and drinking. He had a sense of humor; his generosity was scandalous; his anger was fearsome, and he said outrageous things. Beautiful Outlaw seeks to reveal his Playfulness, his Fierce Intentionality, His Extravagant Generosity and Disruptive Honesty. He was cunning, humble, truthful, beautiful and loving.

Our group is always open, no need to pre-register, worry about how long a current study has been running or when the next one start or wonder is this place for me. Just come as you are, join us as we learn more about the Character of Christ and discover what it might look like to be more like Him in our own lives, through His power and grace.

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About Nikaos Coaching

Not long ago I would have identified myself as a child-abuse survivor who has struggled with PTSD, OCD, ADD, Social Anxiety Disorder, an Addict, Alcoholic and one who suffers from chronic illnesses... TOO MANY LABELS! Today I am whole, filled with inner-peace, content, motivated, focused, I know who I am and what I am capable of and I feel incredibly grateful for all of my life experiences both good and bad... and today is the best day of my life! I now have a voice, and a mission, to help everyone I meet launch into their best life through finding freedom from the "I can't" disease that persecutes much of mankind into a mediocre life devoid of passion, power and purpose.
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