Beautiful Outlaw

John Eldredge is a master at differentiating between the true Heart of Christ and the religious fog that seeks to bury His Glory through misinterpretation, rules, shame, condemnation and unrighteous judgment. Beautiful Outlaw does not stray from that message… Jesus is personal and He understands us more than we probably ever realized.

Our desire is that if you can’t be with us in person on Thursday’s from 7-9pm each week that you will at least take the time to discover this message for yourself.

Check out these resources to enhance your journey into the true personality of Christ.

Thursday Discipleship Meeting Schedule

Chapters & Meeting Dates

  1. The Playfulness of God and the Poison of Religion    
  2. The Missing Essential-His Personality
  3. Is Jesus Really Playful? 
  4. Fierce Intention 7/26/18)
  5. The Most Human Face of All (8/2/18)
  6. Extravagant Generosity (8/9/18)
  7. Disruptive Honesty (8-16-18)
  8. A Scandalous Freedom (8-23-18)
  9. Cunning (8/30/18)
  10. Humility
  11. Trueness
  12. Beautiful
  13. Loving Jesus
  14. Letting Jesus Be Himself-With You
  15. Clearing Away the Religious Fog
  16. Letting Jesus Be Himself-Encounters

Schedule subject change – I will attempt to keep this list current at all times

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John Eldredge – a first-hand account by the author

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