wild at heart

Fellowship Monrovia Thursday Men’s group



Wild at Heart Boot Camp

Next Session starting February 8th, 2018!

A special thank you to Craig Conner for bringing this series to life.  Through his countless hours of video compiling, group facilitation, notes preparation, and personal prayer on our behalf, Craig has impacted the lives of dozens of people and their families likely for generations to come. We are eternally grateful brother!

Boot Camp Intro (10 weeks)

  1.  Introduction    video    notes
  2. The Epic Story  video    notes
  3. The Poser           video    notes
  4. The Wound        video    notes
  5. New Name         video    notes
  6. Warfare              video    notes
  7. Adventure         video    notes
  8. Beauty                video    notes
  9. Sonship              video    notes
  10. Discipleship     video    notes

Immediately following this session we will move into the ADVANCED SERIES.

Boot Camp Advanced (8 weeks)

(details coming soon)

All video clips within these sessions are the copyrighted material of the movie production companies who made the films. Reproduction for profit is prohibited. Existing and past students may view these materials for personal growth but copy or reproduction is strictly prohibited.

Ransomed Heart Ministries

Official Ransomed Heart Training Camp Promo

Recommended Books


Band of Brothers Training Camp

APRIL 19-22, 2018

“This is a spiritual training camp not a physical one. The content we use is the same as what “Ransomed Heart ministries” uses in Colorado for their men’s event”

2017 Angels Crest Training Camp


Clear your calendar and come join us! Visit For Freedom Outreach website for more details and registration

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